About KMC Incentives

KMC Incentives is a Performance Improvement Company focused on Leadership, Communication, Continuing Education, Training, Recognition and Rewards, and Company Culture. Our consultative and solution-based approach to designing and executing employee recognition programs has helped countless businesses enhance their workplace culture and inspire increased productivity and employee engagement.

Recognized by HR Tech Outlook magazine as the “Top 10 Employee Recognition Consulting Service Companies.”


KMC believes the dignity of every human being matters. Therefore, employees need to be recognized for their contributions. Our goal is to help our client build an incentive program that positively affects employee engagement.


KMC believes that it’s vital to recognize the whole person for both their professional and personal value when it comes to recognition. When done right, our programs yield substantial business value and improve the overall success of your company.

What Sets Us Apart

Every program we offer features custom branding, messaging, and KPI’s specific to your company goals and objectives. Our Performance Improvement Process provides the following key elements to increase employee engagement:


Leadership Commitment

We’ll sit down with your decision-makers to ensure everyone is on board with your goals and objectives.


KMC will develop a communication strategy that fits your organization and will keep the lines of communication open so you get the support you need at all times.

Continuing Education and Training

Your management and administrative team will be fully educated on how your system works to bring even better results.

Performance and Personal
Recognition and Rewards?

Our rewards system is mobile responsive and easy to use. Your program is designed to recognize both individual and team performances.

Tracking and Technology

You’ll know exactly how your program is improving employee retention, productivity, customer service, and financial performance.

Consultation and Enhancement

Each program is designed to be scalable and grow with your business are you meet your current goals and set new ones for the future.

KMC Customer Results

Our programs yield higher productivity and employee retention, stronger financial performance, and improved customer service by giving your employees a sense of accomplishment and belonging. These numbers speak to our success:

  • 91%

    Fewer Safety
  • 82%

    Improved Employee
  • 98%

    Engagement Rate
  • 200%

    Return on

Meet Our Founder

KMC founder Karen McClenny brings over 26 years of experience in employee performance and recognition to the table. Her unique expertise in designing and implementing performance improvement, behavior-based safety, and workplace culture enhancement programs has helped many Fortune 500 companies reach their goals and find unmatched success in their industries. Her most successful clients include Martin Marietta Materials, HBO, Time Warner Cable, Showtime, and University Hospital.

Industries Served

KMC is proud to create long-lasting relationships with many long-term clients from various business industries. We have gained our expertise by partnering with clients from the following sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Government and Municipal Agencies
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Construction
  • Agriculture