Track, Measure, and Analyze
Program Success

In today’s fast-paced society, you need to create a program that wows your employees and administrative staff. While technology-driven platforms are everywhere, effective employee recognition systems need to be professional, engaging, and easy to use. KMC Incentives brings these solutions to your program and more! With integrated reporting and powerful communication tools, you’ll be confident that your program engages employees and brings you closer to your goals.

KMC Incentives doesn’t just offer effective programs with fantastic ROI. We deliver an immersive experience where data tracking and performance reporting are easy to

The flexibility of our platform allows you to customize key features based on your unique program requirements. This allows your organization to run comprehensive recognition and incentive programs on one convenient platform. Our full-service administration and management tools solidify the experience, bringing ease of access to both employees and managers.

Harness the Power of Employee Recognition Program Data

Track and measure program success to evolve your employee performance plans to meet scalable goals.

  • Seamlessly interface with existing management systems
  • Easily identify hardworking employees
  • Learn about employee strengths and challenges
  • Assess individual, group, and company performance and engagement
  • Boost company morale by sharing organizational success
  • Gather critical data to build comprehensive employee performance reviews
  • Track how employees engage with your program
  • Track employees working remotely or from locations around the world
  • Adjust and evolve the program as needed