Our sales and marketing solutions include:

Reinforce Corporate Values and
Attract New Talent

Sales and marketing incentive solutions & packages inspire higher employee performance to increase productivity and sales. KMC Incentives helps organizations create custom programs that drive results.

Properly structured sales incentive programs can increase employee performance by 44%.

Employees charged with driving your organization’s selling efforts need the right tools for success. Our programs merge incentive and recognition elements to help you design a program that encourages employees to stay motivated.

Our sales and marketing packages include:

Channel Sales Incentive Programs

If you sell your products through a multi-stage channel, you need to find creative ways to stay connected. Channel sales incentive programs help motivate your partners to sell while simultaneously gathering critical identifying information about your customers. Our team takes the time to identify current benchmarks, understand your KPIs, discuss your objectives, and design a program that engages dealers, distributors, and resellers.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Exceptional customer service is the foundation of business success. Nearly 83% of customers say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue to do business with a company. Our customer loyalty programs drive brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, and develop stronger customer relationships. Work with a dedicated account specialist to design a program that delivers results.

Internal Sales Incentive Programs

One of the most challenging business assignments is managing sales teams and processes. Employees charged with driving company selling efforts deserve an internal sales incentive program that inspires higher performance. Our programs are designed to help you reach sales quotas and introduce new products effectively. Design a program that energizes your sales team to reach higher.