Quality, Valuable Rewards Fulfillment Services Drive
Positive Employee Behavior

Impressive incentive rewards fulfillment programs can quickly and easily inspire improved employee performance. You can also foster a positive work environment that encourages your team to meet your goals and expectations with the right rewards. Our loyalty rewards programs offer high-quality incentives that deliver maximum appeal and value.

Valuable Merchandise

We offer a wide selection of merchandise rewards from high-quality, popular brands. Our rewards include brands like Cuisinart, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, DeWalt, Sony, Dooney & Bourke, and more! When your employees sign into the system to redeem their rewards, they’ll find the merchandise they genuinely value.

Individual Travel Rewards

After years of research, we have found that travel loyalty rewards dramatically increase your program’s value. Your employees will create unforgettable memories when they cash in their points for hotel stays, transportation, cruises, and resort and destination events. They’ll return to work happy, rested, and ready to work towards their next reward.

Experience Rewards

Our experience rewards fulfillment programs give your employees a gift that leaves them motivated to earn more, from mountain biking and snowmobiling to horseback riding and skydiving. Whatever their adventure preferences, we offer something for everyone.

Event Tickets

KMC also offers an assortment of event ticket reward options. From sports and entertainment to operas and theme parks, your employees will love the variety they get from your rewards redemption options. Our most popular event tickets include Universal Studios, Disneyland, US Open Golf, popular concerts, and college and professional sports games.

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