Enhance Your Company’s
Safety Culture

Creating a safe workplace should be a top priority for every organization. Well-designed, effective safety reward programs for employees produce a powerful impact that increases safety awareness and reinforces OSHA/MSHA compliance.

Over 4.7 million workers are injured on the job every year in the United States.

With a properly executed best employee safety incentive program, you can decrease workplace incidents and reduce accident loss. KMC Incentives Employee Safety Reward Programs help organizations establish a positive safety culture that encourages safe thinking.

Keep Employees Safe with Custom-Designed
Best Employee Safety Incentive & Reward Programs

Our Employee Safety Programs turn employee safety practices into daily habits that improve work morale and increase productivity.

The advantages of building a custom Employee Safety Program with KMC Incentives include:

Best practice KPI consultation and program design
A full-service online system to track, measure, and report on the performance of your program
Dedicated account management team to monitor and evolve your program as needed
An easy-to-use rewards catalog available on the go from any device
Fast and powerful rewards fulfillment system with tracking options
Knowledgeable customer service representatives